The Law Offices of Gregory J. Schadone, Ltd. has helped hundreds of corporate clients with all of their business needs. Our attorneys have years of experience with various business enterprises. Having a clear and concise legal plan in place will help in the success of your business. No matter what crossroads that you may be facing, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of corporate and business law to serve as a guiding force. Over the years we have developed relationships that have endured for decades, and have built legal resource for clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. We make it our goal to create unique solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Forming a Corporation 

The formation of a corporation can quickly become a struggle as many people are unaware of the logistical complexities of business structure. Many people decide to form their own business or engage the assistance of a non-attorney or do it themselves. More often than not, this results in the incorrect or inadequate preparation of documents causing multiple problems down the road. The importance of proper formation is absolutely critical.

Running Your Business

Running a successful business, no matter the size, is a complex endeavor. We realize that our clients need to focus on running the company without all the hassle of legal considerations.

​One small mistake can have lasting consequences. Our experience corporate attorneys have the experience and skills to handle a wide range of business law matters;

  • Ownership, control, and management issues.
  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Document solutions for start-up, ongoing operations and business expansion.
  • Development of internal company policies covering employment matters.
  • Development of regulatory compliance strategies for tax audits and trade regulation.
  • Real estate matters such as acquisitions, land use, zoning, and compliance.

Our Success Stories

Our success stories are not based on the highest awards received but rather are true success stories of cases where zealous representation resulted in a recovery substantially higher than that of a previous offer to settle.

A corporate client was owed $231,454.00. After unsuccessful collection of the debt they referred the matter to our office for collection. After litigating the matter and aggressively pursuing collection against the debtor, our client recovered all sums due to it along with interest.