When you purchase a product, you expect it to be safe and you have certain rights as a consumer that the product is in fact safe for its intended use. Unfortunately, the marketplace is full of dangerous products that may cause personal injuries and/or property damage for which the manufacturer and/or seller of that product may be liable.

A defective product is one that either has a flawed design and/or was not manufactured properly. The end result is that the consumer is put at serious risk of harm or injury when using the product. There are times when the injuries caused by the product are immediate, while other times they are not realized for many years. Proving negligence in product liability cases can be quite difficult and requires a thorough investigation to gather all the evidence and get to the truth.

When a person is injured or sustains property damage by a defective product, the seller and/or manufacturer may be required to fairly compensate the injured individual. A product liability claim should be pursued if the product lacked an element necessary to make it safe for its intended use, the vendor or manufacturer misrepresented the goods or products, caused a breach of warranty, and/or was negligent.

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